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An Awk Primer/Output Redirection and Pipes - Wikibooks, open ...
Sep 8, 2008 . The output can also be "piped" into another utility with the "|" ("pipe") operator. As a trivial example, we could pipe output to the "tr" ("translate") .

[2.0] Awk Syntax
Jul 1, 2010 . The output can also be "piped" into another utility with the "|" ("pipe") operator. As a trivial example, we could pipe output to the "tr" ("translate") .

Jan 27, 2012 . TITLE-SERlES—GRADE: UTILITY SYSTEMS OPERATOR, KWB~5406-06 . be installed; threading and pipe bending operations; determining and . the English lanquaqe and translation submitted along with an application.[KN-004-12,%20Utility%20Systems%20Operator,%20KWB-5406-06.pdf

A guide to AWK - Unix - a knol by Intikhab Alam Khan
Jul 24, 2008 . The output can also be "piped" into another utility with the "|" ("pipe") operator. As a trivial example, I could pipe output to the "tr" ("translate") .

Asset Management 101
wastewater utility. Machinery. Pipes. Operator. Equipment. Tools. Buildings . You should translate the goal statements into specific, quantifiable tasks that can .

Yahoo! Pipes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pipes is a web application from Yahoo! that provides a graphical user . 3.2.1 Sources; 3.2.2 User Inputs; 3.2.3 Operators; 3.2.4 URL; 3.2.5 String . The name of the service pays tribute to Unix pipes, which make it easy to chain simple utilities . string replace, sub string, term extractor, and translate are the modules of this .!_Pipes

Ditch Witch - Utility Locator, Electronics - Pipe Locator, Cable ...
PLASTIC PIPE & DUCT . Identifying and tracing utility lines can be tricky business. . PV (Peak Verify) mode gives the operator an additional way to verify the . For example, heat cramps in a 17-year-old may translate as heat exhaustion in .

Daddy’s little girl is a rock and rock bitch

Midrange Programmer, OS/400 Edition,
Apr 25, 2002 . You would use the tr (translate) utility to translate lowercase letters to their . It will also help if you think of a pipe operator as a symbol for a .

Piping Vim Buffer Through Unix Filters: ! and !! Commands
Apr 24, 2011 . A VI pipe is thus can alter the buffer using standard Unix filters that instantly . Actually the ex % operator is the easiest way to filter all the lines in your buffer, . buffer, convert then into some commands and then execute them in shell: . Use filtering with a tool like perl to get variable interpolation into search .

Converting DOS Batch Files to Shell Scripts
Occasionally, the need still arises to convert an old DOS batch file to a UNIX shell script. This is generally not difficult, as DOS batch file operators are only a limited subset of . pipe. @, set +v, do not echo current command. *, *, filename "wild card" . Many DOS batch files rely on auxiliary utilities, such as, a crippled .

Linux Newbie Administrator Guide - 8.1 Linux Advanced Text ...
Other repetition operators are used less often--here is the full list: . This command takes the content of the file my_file, pipes it to the translation utility tr, the tr .

World Bank eLibrary Browse by region: Africa
HOME»Browse by region: Africa. Adjust font size: A A A A .

Learn Linux, 101: Text streams and filters
Jan 26, 2010 . Sending text files and output streams through text utility filters to modify the . as input to a filter, command2, you connect the commands using the pipe operator (| ). . Listing 11 shows how to use tr to translate spaces to tabs.

MyToolz - Luigi Auriemma
on Windows the tool works from both command-line and GUI (double-click on . reason of the initial creation of this tool for the translating of a japanese game. . advanced UDP proxy/datapipe/packets forwarder and modifier with multiple functions. . run) which supports multiple input and output formats and lot of operators.

Concatenation Operator
The concatenation operator manipulates character strings and CLOB data. . impossible to control translation performed by operating system or network utilities.

Fighting smart Strategy options for telecoms operators
Operators appear less tormented by the prospect of being dumb pipes than in years past. Some of . Odnoklassniki (translated as “classmates”), which gets about 12m . providing a smart-metering service to the local utility operator that .

Dumb Pipe vs. Smart Pipe? Better to Design a Valuable Pipe
In a smart-pipe scenario, the telco provides both the connectivity and the . fundamentally strategic choices that operators are facing. . with the telcos relegated to a utility role that . then translate those hypothesized moves into relevant .

Unix KornShell Quick Reference - - Free Computer, Programming ...
You can use the && operator to execute a command and, if it is successful, . asa interpret ASA carriage control characters astrn translate assembly language at, . nroff tcio Command Set 80 CS/80 Cartridge Tape Utility tee pipe fitting telnet .

Everywhere she goes she goes

Chapter 5. The PowerShell Pipeline - Master-PowerShell | With Dr ...
Nov 23, 2008. forward (or "pipe") the results of a command to the next with the "pipe" operator "|". One of the more known usages was to pipe data to the tool more, . The scriptblock could convert the Length property into kilobytes if you'd .

How to use the tr command, by The Linux Information Project (LINFO)
Oct 28, 2006 . The tr command is used to translate specified characters into other characters or to . All that is necessary is to use the input redirection operator, which is . to tr via a pipe, which is represented by the vertical bar character.

perlfunc - Perl builtin functions
Thus, a comma terminates the argument of a unary operator, but merely . oct: convert a string to an octal number; open: open a file, pipe, or descriptor; opendir . in the explanations or code, please use the perlbug utility included with the Perl .

GraphicsMagick GM Utility
gm - GraphicsMagick command-line utilities to create, edit, or convert images . precede the image file name with | to pipe to or from a system command (this feature . Use of this operator requires that base-image be in CMYK(A) colorspace.

Use this tag when the format contains aggregate operators. . You must use the logcat utility to translate binary log files to ASCII format before you can read them. Use ascii_pipe to write log entries to a UNIX named pipe (a buffer in memory).

Usage under Windows -- IM v6 Examples
Apr 23, 2009 . The FAT ? NTFS convert tool was first shipped with Windows XP and . while the minus operator in the second command of the pipe tells IM to .

Piping News Report
This newsletter provides information regarding piping design and piping engineering as . and helpful in the day to day activities of Designers, Engineers and CAD Operators. . This web site is your personal design and engineering tool. . more of a demand for your services which translates into higher pay and job security.

Jan 25, 2012 . This bill would exempt all pest control operators from having to comply with . contained in the PIPES Act. PHMSA's characterization tool uses the . translates to about four thousand (4000) jobs a year that the One Call .

kibera - WATER.pmd
kiosk operators serving poor households in a large urban settlement in Nairobi, Kenya. The . poor people have little or no access to the utility water supply. Instead . This has translated . Pipes supplying water kiosks find their way through .

Fukushima Robot Operator Writes Tell-All Blog - IEEE Spectrum
Aug 23, 2011 . IEEE Spectrum has decided to translate and publish portions of the posts . power companies should invite the Fukushima robot operators to . We even know pretty much where each of the numerous cables and pipes are.

Blowpipe (tool) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The term blowpipe refers to one of several tools used to direct streams of gases . of indispensable utility, and his published work, later translated into English, . in 1823 an account of a new blowpipe so constructed as to enable the operator to .

Water Distribution Operator Training Handbook
. be the best-selling operator training book for reference and certification study. . utility safety, system hydraulics, pipe types, installation, maintenance, meters, .

working with long columns
. or CONNECT BY clauses or with the DISTINCT operator in SELECT statements; The . This function is designed to convert a LONG or LONG RAW column to a CLOB or . Instead of printing the output, however, we pipe the data from the pipelined . This is an utility developed to solve the problem of .

Perl 5 Unleashed
I cover the following string utility functions in this chapter: The chop() . What this translates to in Perl is "match every character." You'll . The pipe symbol (|) works like an OR operator, enabling you to specify two or more patterns to match.

Perl as a command line tool
Don't interpret me wrong, pipes are a blessing and extremely powerful tool that each . Algol-style programming with subroutines and by translating awk into Perl. . Line numbers can also be used with the range operator, for instance to .

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Smart Water Meters Pike Research
As new pipes are constructed, utility operators will simultaneously evaluate the merits of upgrading to the latest meter technology as well. Additional forces that .

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A Unix Utility You Should Know About: Pipe Viewer - good coders ...
Feb 2, 2009 . Pipe viewer is a terminal-based tool for monitoring the progress of data through a pipeline. . Update: French translation available. . find yourself looping over a list of files and performing some operation on them in bash.

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