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PC clock synchronization using GPS
But these days laptop doesn have the DB9 serial port. . Standard NMEA GPS devices do not have a pulse per second output that can be utilised by . sync link back to UTC, and therefore a good source of synchronization on their own. . on the two computers the same way you used NISTime to sync them in the lab tests. | MCR5000 | Master Clock Generator/Time Server ...
. a wide range of applications in the commercial, industrial, military and laboratory environment. . GPS; NTP; Time Code; High Stability Oscillator; NMEA 0183; NENA 911 . Reference Sources . RJ45 Ethernet connection; DC input 2.1 mm jack; DB9 I/O; USB I/O; RS232 NMEA I/O; BNC-9 adapter supplied with time code .

MG1613S GPS Receiver
Dec 26, 2010 . :: Lab Notes . Refer to the manual (or most any GPS manual) for details on NMEA GPS formats. . serial Tx/Rx is available as 3.3 V or 5 V on board or ±5 V (DB9 connector). . Useful for NTP 1PPS source.

The NMEA 0183 Information sheet
NMEA data is transmitted from an information source such as a GPS, depth sounder, or gyro compass etc. These data sending devices are called . even happened to our lab PCs in controlled conditions. We now always use opto- isolators on .

FreeBSD NTP Garmin GPS-16 HVS experiment
Using a Garmin GPS-16 HVS unit as a NTP time source . I also connected the grey 1 PPS line to pin 1 on the DB9 connector (Data Carrier Detect), so that the NTP PPS driver can read it. . In this case I used the generic GPS NMEA driver for the serial stream, and the PPS driver to . NIST Time and Frequency Lab .

FreeBSD NTP Earthmate GPS experiment
Using a commercial GPS unit as a NTP time source . site I learned the unit can be powered via pin 9 of the DB9 connector. . GPS engine, but has a custom ROM that won't let you reset it to NMEA mode: it . NIST Time and Frequency Lab .

Polar Hovercraft | Main / GPS browse
Oct 24, 2011 . Scientific equipment . 6.1 Program to select specific NMEA telegram and log data at user specified . GPS 18x Technical specifications (source is here.) . operating systems if the DB9 connector is plugged into the computer .

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Lassen™ SQ GPS Receiver
any use other than with the Lassen™ SQ GPS. Receiver. . FirstGPS, and Lassen , are trademarks of Trimble. Navigation Limited. . NMEA 0183 Protocol and Data Output Options. . . . . . . . . 41 . programming source routines to be used as a template for . This adhesive tape may only be re-used for laboratory testing. The .

R/C Pilot Project - R/C Autopilot
The GPS unit needs to support NMEA at 4800 baud (a standard that most GPSs do support). . The RCAP needs it's own power source of 6V. . You need to either compile the code using Micro Engineering Lab's PicBasic Pro or download the HEX . Cut out the side of the plastic case to allow the DB9 plug to fit through it.

GPS Time Synchronization in School-Network Cosmic Ray Detectors
national standards laboratory time base, the GPS system . o Default NMEA serial output at 9600 baud. ? . successfully as a backup precision timing source for the Super- . card end and a female 9-pin D-sub (DB9) connector at the GPS .

Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver has SPS and PPS capability, made by Rockwell Collins . (1) connect across both batteries for a 24 volt power source. . eBay cable is wired as shown below and reported to send NMEA 4800 8N1 data to a PC. . By tying the computer DB9 connector pins 1, 4, 6, 7(RTS) and 8( CTS) .

NTP server using PC gnu/linux and freebsd
The refclock_nmea.c source wistfully mentions differential gps and suggests that its use . The NMEA type 20 fudge flag3 can be set to 1 which lights up the kernel pps. . This allowed me to use the PC style brackets to mount the DB9/DB25 . This is an example of why a lab stocked with a variety of units is of value when .
Most GPS receivers that support RS232 serial NMEA message input will work with . Connect a DC power source to the DC IN connection on the front of the modem. . For a tracking-only application, nothing needs to be wired to the DB9 . The following is a table of specifications and observed lab measurements of the .

DNA-GPS: GPS interface for UEI I/O Cubes - UEI
GPS interface for PowerDNA, UEILogger, and UEIPAC. . panel; Requires less than 600 mW; Compatible with all popular NMEA protocols . In addition to providing location information, the GPS is an ideal source of accurate time/date information. Finally . It provides the two GPS serial ports on standard DB9 connectors.

GPS 5600 EV-DO
Tested by an independent laboratory to ensure that military and automotive . Multiple Interfaces: Serial, USB & Ethernet The RS-232 (DB9) serial interface allows the . Lassen™ GPS receiver in the BlueTree 5400 supports TAIP and NMEA 0183 . The analog inputs allow monitoring of gradient data sources (such as a .

Kenwood TM-D710A Product Reviews
NMEA 0183 GPS I/O port . *Green Light Labs GPS-710 is the way to go for APRS operation, unfortunitley it costs $129 . My biggest complaint is that Kenwood did not supply either an on-board DB9 serial connector or USB . Fortunately I found a $5 source for this cable rather than Kenwood's $39 cable ( same pinouts.) .

Multi-functional Master Clocks
GPS. • NTP. • Time Code. • High Stability Oscillator. • NMEA 0183. • NENA 911 PSAP Standard . 10 MHz sine wave. • DB9 – breakout adapter . is available as a source for laboratory use, or an RF reference such as cellular applications.

Digital Compass Users Guide, OS5000 Series
ASCII sentence output, in several formats, NMEA checksum. • High Data Update . RS-232 Receive (DB9-F Pin: 3 ) Voltage Level TTL, 3V or. 5V tolerant on .

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Lassen™ PT GPS Timing Receiver
any use other than with the Lassen™ PT GPS. Timing Receiver. . FirstGPS, and Lassen, are trademarks of Trimble. Navigation Limited. . NMEA 0183 Protocol and Data Output Options . . C-programming source routines to be used as a template for . quality. This adhesive tape may only be re-used for laboratory testing.

programming source routines to be used as software templates for communicating . quality. This adhesive tape may only be re-used for laboratory testing. The . receiver supports most NMEA messages for GPS navigation. NMEA messages and . two DB9 connectors allow for easy connection to a PC serial port using the . Blog » UART
Jan 29, 2012 . New DB9-USB connectors from FTDI enable to use a USB port in devices with . The open-source Processing programming platform is used to develop a . Arduino GPS clock using NMEA protocol · listComPorts – Windows . Blog » Sparkfun
Nov 2, 2011. to do a roundup of open source lithium polymer chargers from SparkFun, Seeed Studio, and Adafruit. . It is using SparkFun GPS Shield and Nuelectronics LCD Keypad . Arduino GPS clock using NMEA protocol · Arduino LCD horizontal . ADC input, TTL RS232 header and full RS232 DB9 connector.

nador portátil con un receptor GPS o bien con una tarjeta de control de servomotores. . dispositivo, clasifica la información provinente del GPS recibida como sentencias NMEA, . Computer programming25 is the process of writing, testing, and maintaining the source . Developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs.

Sandunmalee's Lab Notebook
Jan 12, 2011 . Spent some time looking through the GPS receivers that Dan suggested. . from Sparkfun: EM-406a reciever, RS232 Shifter, RS232 Shifter w/out DB9, and a logic level converter. . Commands general to NMEA standard here. . create signal grounds that have low-impedance paths to return to the source .

OBTAINED FROM THIRD PARTY SOURCES, SUCH AS. PUBLICATIONS OF . familiar with the concepts of GPS and satellite surveying equipment. . [DCE w/ respect to DB9]. DB9S. Pins. 1 . NMEA messages, cannot output on the Control Port. Figure 8: . developed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to provide a .

[Complete!] GPS support - Page 2
May 4, 2009 . So far adding GPS support to InSSIDer hasn't been that hard. . nmeaParser class itself implement not just the one type of NMEA . With this gps, i made an adaptor that has the DB9 (to the usb) then a 2nd usb cable . I had a quick look through the source code, but could not find the gps . Chanalyzer Lab .!-GPS-support/page2

GPS/GPRS - Cutter Electronics
The CW12 GPS receiver module is an integrated timing module powered by . The CW19 supports the NMEA 0183 standard for GPS device communication for . This kit can be used in either a laboratory or a mobile environment. . RS-232 AT Command UART Interface; AT Interface Selectable between DB9 and 50-pin .

How-to: The Bus Pirate, universal serial interface - Hack a Day
Nov 19, 2008 . X2, DB9 Female connector (serial port) *untested. ICSP, . The EM406 is a tiny 5volt GPS module that tracks up to 20 satellites. By default, it outputs NMEA formatted data from a serial port at . The Bus Pirate is an important development tool in our lab. . The current source is for use with the bootloader.

C# serial communication with u-blox gps - Stack Overflow
Nov 12, 2008 . I have a GPS from with a USB-connection and driver. . NET Framework source-code is available I will be trying to step into SerialPort and see what the . Now I can read the NMEA sentences just fine. . About serial port software for CP2102 from silicon labs . DB9 Serial communication .

Electronic circuit schematics
Mar 9, 2012 . GPS tracking system . Linear constant current source dimmer for a white 24- LED array · Little bike light using LEDs . Garmin Foretrex 101201, Forerunner 101201 to Serial DB9 cable schematic pinout . Kenwood TH-D7 NMEA GPS bug fix · Laboratory Control System for Cold Atom Experiments .

Hardware for a WWLLN site
This is the only source of funding to WWLLN . This “word”, in NMEA code, is fed into the computer via the COM port. . The GM-44 GPS head comes with 5 meters of cable ending in a DB9 plug for a PC COM port. . far from the 1:1 transformer and isolated power supply which will be in your lab with the computer, etc. The .

u-blox NEO-6G 1.8V GPS Module with KickStart Technology
Jan 15, 2012 . NEO-6G - u-blox 6 Low Power GPS Module with KickStart Technology . sources and mitigates multipath effects, giving u-blox 6 GPS receivers . Antenna supply and supervisor (external components required); Protocols NMEA, UBX . it ideally suited for use in laboratories, vehicles and outdoor locations.

Meridian and Tycho Options
The modular design of the Meridian Precision GPS TimeBase allows for the . ASCII Format: User-selectable to Sysplex, Truetime, EndRun, NENA or NMEA formats. . source. When used in place of the standard AC power supply, all five option . Choose the US-OCXO for the ultimate, calibration laboratory grade OCXO .

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P4: RS232 Serial Port and Programmable Output (DB9 Connector) . . 69. B.11. NMEA RMC Time Code O/P on P4 . . However, unlike laboratory instruments, TCG02-E is suited for hostile electromagnetic environments such as sub-stations and . In most cases, the source will be time from the GPS satellite constellation, .

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